Leader is off to Japan today for the Boys Over Flowers Alumni Gathering Event! Haha, he seems oblivious to the people following him and shooting pictures, even with cameras practically shoved mere inches to his face. Reminds me of when I was beside him while he was getting food off a buffet table in Manila, he's really in his own world, pretty much most of the time. LOL. I just hope that fans learn to create a little space, as respect to the artist. Japan is really lucky to have the members go there recently, huh? First, Saengie and Kyu, then Jung Min, and now Leader. In the fancam below, I see Hyun Joong's gym trainor, and some Artmatic dancers. Here's another fancam from PERFECT.

Video Uploader: huongto22@YouTube

Credits: + KHJ Baidu

Credit: Attraction


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