We all love Tom & Jerry. I've said this before, I think of all the members, these two have the tightest bond. All Triple S know why they're dubbed as Tom & Jerry, right? It's because of their wacky "love-hate" relationship. They would always bicker and fight with each other for FUN. But jokes aside, they have one of the sweetest friendships ever! And they never fail to show their love and support for each other even though they're quite busy with their solo activities right now. They always find time to show each other they care, even through little things. Jung Minnie just recently visited Hyung Junnie on the set of his MV filming and brought food. He watched Baby's Cafe In musical too. And we also know that Baby visited JM's MV filming set a while back also. They really support each other, and it's very touching.

And we all love Kyu Jong too... our latest birthday boy. How he touched us all with his tweets of thanks for all the greetings he received on his birthday, right? I can't even begin to put into words how Kyu Jongie has touched me when he and YS visited the Philippines and I had a chance to be with him and shook hands with him during the fanmeeting. He really endears people to him with his kindness, quirkiness and sweet personality.

So since I'm kinda sentimental right now... I think it's time to post these entries that really touched my heart. I stumbled upon these days ago at fortheloveof501@tumblr and I was trying to find the perfect time to repost. I loved the way she wrote about her feelings on what she really likes about our 3 wonderful boys... Jung Min, Hyung Jun, and Kyu Jong. Personally, I think she's a really great writer the way she was able to put into words all the love and admiration she has for our boys. It's like she wrote some of the most important feelings I have inside too, for the boys. I couldn't resist sharing it here in my blog (with her permission) because I know that you guys would also love to read them, I guess all TS would. So if you haven't read these yet, read these entries and do drop by her Tumblr if you have comments or simply for more SS501 fix! :) Hope she'll also write about the hyungs, YS and Leader!



Credit: fortheloveof501.tumblr.com


LapinApple said...

thankx to you, fortheloveof501@tumblr.. i love to read on anything about SS501 and these messages are so touchy and true... i wish to read more write ups from other TS that tells their feelings about our boys..since TS are really like a family, reading their thoughts is like reading my thoughts as well...thanx TSPH too, because of your blog, i get to take my daily dose of SS501 medication...hehe..just cant live a day without them anymore...God bless everyone!=D

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