Kim Hyun Joong made a donation of 100 million Won to help the Japan Earthquake.

On the 14th, Kim Hyun Joong had made a donation of 100 million won through DA agency to help the victims and the damages caused by the Japan earthquake.

Kim Hyun Joong said "I was shocked and sad to hear the news. Although i cannot help much, but i hope everything will recover quickly and i hope to be able to help those victims."

He added with favour, "There are a lot of people who need our help. Let's all join our hearts together and give them hope."

A Japan agency official revealed, "To show his concern, Kim Hyun Joong had seeked my opinion of the fastest way to purchase aid supplies and to be delivered to the victims as soon as possible.

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100 Million Won?! Wow, this guy really is beyond generous! This just makes me admire and love Hyun Joong more. He certainly is a man with a genuine, caring heart. He makes me so damn PROUD! Love Ya Leader!!!


j said...

it seems that leader uses his money to help others neh??? I wonder if he ACTUALLY uses his money to buy stuff for himself...hmmmm

such a kind and generous guy :">

Love Ya leader! ♥

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