It's time for some SS501 Anime Fanart once again! Here's another batch for you. This time, it's Couples Special. Can you distinguish the couples? Some are easy to distinguish, some are hard. But they're all wonderfully drawn! Thanks again to all the super talented Triple S who shared their work with us! You guys know who you are!

See also: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Credits: 501doc + naver + as tagged in pics +


freya said...


Miss Anonymous said...

ok, let me try answering this.

lol. the first one i actually thought it was kyu and leader, but looking properly i realized that it actually says "Double HJ" in the picture itself. So obviously the asnwer is leader and baby. i could recognize leader easily, but didnt think the other one was baby.

pic 2) kyu jong and young saeng. again answer on the picture
pic 3) leader and young saeng
pic 4) this is very easy. jungmin's glasses gives it away. its jungmin and baby
pic 5) leader and kyu
pic 6) again leader and kyu from thank for waking me up
pic 7) leader and baby.
pic 8) young saeng and kyu jong from thanks for waking me up
pic 9) jung min and young saeng
pic 10) leader and baby
pic 11)leader feeding either kyu or baby (?). hmmm i guess i'll go with kyu.
pic 12) the one sleeping is leader, and the one standing is ummmm im not sure but im gonna just guess and go with young saeng.

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